updated 7 pm  3 Dec 2014

          NEW Change to CC LAW - Effective 1 Nov 2014          

       Certificates (from class) good for 3 years from date      


                                            Cost for CC license has not changed

                                CC Licenses are still good for 5 or 10 years 

$25 for your county sheriff & either $100 for 5 yr or $200 for 10 yr license


           Certified Oklahoma SDA Instructor since Dec 1995


                        Anthony Davey ZERO incidents / accidents

                   CONTACT US: EMAIL  a.davey@cox.net  or 

                 Cell PHONE  405-818-7904


   $45     $45      We supply EVERYTHING      $45       $45      

See Current Scheduled classes below -  Yukon & OKC area  

Requirements:  1st timers to experts...Complete one 8 hr SAFETY course

                                   Must be:  Oklahoma resident, US Citizen, 21 or older

                                   NO additional class required

          ****We need your name, phone number, date & how many seats *****

   CURRENT Scheduled  CC dates $45,           Fund Raisers price are higher: 

           CCL Requirement - 8 Hours, 1 Day Course


Saturday .... 13 Dec....Yukon Comfort Suites......... Seats available    $45


                                                                2015 classes

Saturday ...10 Jan 2015 ...Yukon Comfort Suites... Seats available  $45


Saturday..17 Jan 2015.Friends of NRA Fund Raiser..Seats available $60

         OK City Gun Club PLUS Lunch & drawing for a new pistol


            We ALWAYS supply EVERYTHING          
                   --- Semi-auto pistol w/factory load ammo

                       (qualifies you for semi, revolver & derringer)

                   --- Range fees, Targets, hearing & eye protection

(Range is paid for the day - bring pistols &/or rifles and practice after class at no additional cost)

You need to BRING:  Oklahoma DL or ID & baseball cap/visor for the range

 County Sheriff Offices & OSBI Require pair of photos when you apply for CC license

             Sheriff/others charge $10 -  SAVE $$$ we do them for $5 

....Military - retired/active....(retired must be less than 20 years)
                  - provide proof qualified w/semi-auto pistol   Cost $35
                    - No discount on Fund Raiser class

                          Private groups ...CALL for details


                    Self Defense  FLASHLIGHTS  

CAUTION:  Pointing flashlight at human eyes can cause confusion & disorientation.  Temporary blinds assailants.

   $30 each plus shipping


..... Easy to carry in pocket or purse

..... 5 " long, 1 3/8th " wide, STROBE

      5 modes - STROBE, SOS, Low, Medium & High

       UltraFire 4000 mAh   3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

                 We take Cash, Credit Card or Check

              Oklahoma OPEN/CONCEAL Carry - One License

            Oklahoma State website       www.ok.gov/osbi